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February 8, 2011
The stone laying ceremony was held for our subsidialy plant in Mexico.

@YAMASHITA RUBBER established gYUSA AUTOPARTS MEXICO,h our subsidialy corporation in Mexico, and our plant is being built in Zacatecas State, in central Mexico.
@ On February 8 (local time), the stone laying ceremony was held under the sponsorship of Zacatecas State. In addition to our company's Representative Director and President Osamu Ukai, President Tsuneo Ishikawa of our American subsidiary YUSA Corporation, President Hisashi Nishimura of YUSA Auto Parts Mexico, our suppliers, our financial institutions, construction companies and others took part in the ceremony. A stone was laid at the ceremony to mark the the start of construction and to pray for the safety of construction.
@ President Ukai said in his opening address, gIt is a great honor for such a grand stone laying ceremony to be held. We will contribute to the development of Zacatecas State by managing YUSA Auto Parts Mexico well.h Michael Alonso Reyes, State Governor, responded by saying, gWe are proud that we were able to attract a good company. I promise you that we will support you in all respects.h There was a sociable atmosphere throughout the entire ceremony.

@In addition, prior to the stone laying ceremony, a "Memorandum of Friendly Relations throughout the Futureh was concluded on February 4 between Zacatecas State and our company. The content of this Memorandum is to confirm that our company and Zacatecas State will strive to develop a mutually friendly relationship.
@ Government-related people including Governor Reyes came to Japan at the end of January and visited Technical Center at our Saitama Plant (Kamisato-machi, Kodama-gun, Saitama Prefecture) on February 3. They then joined the signing ceremony at the Embassy of Mexico in Nagata-cho, Tokyo.
@ The signing ceremony was attended by representatives of our company, state officials, and the Ambassador to Japan.

ZA stone was laid to commemorate the start of construction

ZGovernor Reyes and President Ukai