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Manufacturing technology
For the purpose of constructing a production line capable of meeting new challenges, we are moving forward on development from die design to production process design and exclusive equipment.
For product specifications, we evaluate manufacturability from the viewpoint of easy manufacturing, etc. and we feed this back to product specifications. In addition, we design the manufacturing process and use process FMEA to analyze and verify impacts in the event of malfunction and of the occurrence of irregularities.
We develop new manufacturing methods and equipment as needed as we aim to achieve optimal manufacturing. For a new manufacturing method, we develop a test machine first and then establish the technology.
For lines to be used for mass production (equipment), we design the specifications. In addition, we design molds that form anti-vibration rubber products. Designed equipment and molds are made by professional manufacturers.
We review and verify completed equipment and molds from both sides, from debugging to quality and performance, and then apply them to the manufacturing line.