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Development of anti-vibration products
Thorough predictive analysis by computer

Products supplied by Yamashita Rubber support important functions of autos including comfort and safety. Our main products such as engine mounts, suspension bushings or hose tubes are not only high-performance and high-quality, but we also develop and produce them with consideration on the environment and to ensuring they are lightweight and reasonably priced.
Due to increasing requirements for modularization and systemization of auto parts, there is a need for more advanced functional technology that coordinates better with peripheral parts. Looking ahead to the next generation, Yamashita Rubber is researching and developing products with higher performance and reasonable prices.

Evaluation and optimization from unit parts to systems and completed autos

Evaluating a product includes checking not only the characteristics, strength and durability of a unit part but also determining what the optimal characteristics are when the parts are assembled into a completed auto by checking the relationship among them. Due to the different auto body structure of each model, the feeling of vibration differs, and so the optimal characteristics of a unit part in terms of the auto's performance cannot be decided uniformly. If a unit part is not optimal for an auto, we check how to change of characteristics to improve its performance by performing inversed analysis using data and then feeding this back to the unit part. Using this sort of development, we provide optimal parts to each auto development.

New technology challenge

Consumers are demanding more and more to autos, and technology is improving daily. Under such circumstances, auto makers expect us to propose new technology instead of just waiting for new requests. @At Yamashita Rubber, a new organization independent from auto application development is engaging in research on new materials, new structures, new anti-vibration technology, new engineering technology, and other new technology to work with and improve autos' functions.