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Development of hose and tube products
Development flow of hose and tube products

Yamashita Rubber is developing hose and tube products that conform to the elimination of heavy metals and of environmentally hazardous substances including environmental hormones, which have become a problem recently, as well as to the US fuel permeation regulations.
When we develop hose and tube products, we evaluate manufacturability at the Technical Center using equipment with the same specifications as those of mass production and evaluate prototypes that are equivalent to those of mass production in order to conduct efficient development.

œEvaluation of material characteristics
(Equipment to measure tension strength)

EConfirm workability of materials to be studied
EPrototype of hose product

(Equipment to evaluate extrusion capability)

œWater hose
Prototype extruder

(Same specification as mass production equipment)

œTester to evaluate hose durability
EConfirmation of pressure durability
EConfirmation of resistance to engine coolant and fuel
EConfirmation of resistance to heat

œGasoline penetration volume
Measurement equipment

œMass production trial
Water hose for cooling system (EPDM)
Oil hose (Acrylic)
Fuel hose (Fluorine rubber, NBR)