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Emphasis on quality
Quality is the basis of the gsatisfactionh and gsafetyh of customers.
With an advanced manufacturing system and quality assurance system,
we create products with excellent quality.Striving for quality that makes us No.1 in customer satisfaction

In addition to requirements from auto makers for technical development capability and cost competitiveness, quality needs are increasing more and more. What Yamashita Rubber is pouring its energy into now across its companies is this gquality.h The quality of automotive parts is directly connected with the safety of a completed auto, so we consider quality to be the top priority issue from the viewpoint of risk management.

Yamashita Rubber obtained certification in gISO9001,h an international quality management standard, in 1998, and our Quality Assurance Center controls quality in general across the board and promotes continuous improvement to achieve the new quality goals demanded by customers.

In addition, all of our overseas and domestic plants manufacture products using thorough quality control, and the Quality Assurance Center collects the quality data of those processes (product characteristic data, etc.) and manages its comprehensively. It promotes continuous improvement to stabilize quality further and is now working company-wide toward "obtaining the position of No.1 in customer satisfaction."