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Message from top management
Our wish is to continue to inspire auto manufacturers and customers worldwide with proprietary technologies that make the most of our creativity.

Yamashita Rubber have been supplying products that satisfy our customers, based on our company philosophy of gcordially supplying the highest quality products.h

We consider technologies and products full of originality are required in order to satisfy our customers in the future. Rather than following conventional technologies, we have been gathering together the essence of technologies to develop Yamashitafs original new technologies, which we are working to realize.

An important challenge we are working on along with technologies development is improving quality further. Our products are important parts that are responsible for the safety of autos, such as engine mounts and suspension bushes, hoses, and tubes. Based on this recognition, we will improve quality further and supply products that always satisfy customers in order to create reliable and stable quality.

As the globalization of the auto industry is rapidly increasing, we will strive together as a team to become a company that is required from world auto manufacturer.