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The Action Guidelines for All Group Companies
The Action Guidelines for All Group Companies

We define our standards of concrete actions as “Action Guidelines for All YAMASHITA RUBBER Group Companies” (hereafter “the Guidelines”) with the aims of fully enforcing the management philosophy of the YAMASHITA RUBBER Group on a global, conducting fair and highly transparent business activities, and maintaining our corporate status as an enterprise that contributes to the formation and development of a sustainable society.

In accordance with the Guidelines, all officers and employees (hereafter “employee[s]”) of YAMASHITA RUBBER Group shall aim for the realization of sound and high-quality operation as a global enterprise that emphasizes environmental awareness, human rights, and harmony with local communities et cetera. under the basic principle of prioritizing life, safety and compliance (conformity to societal rules, laws and regulations, company rules, and ethics).

Compliance Rules

1. Compliance

Ÿ Compliance with societal rules

  • Each employee will act with common sense as a member of society.

Ÿ Compliance with laws and regulations

  • Each employee will comply with the relevant laws and regulations with a correct understanding of their contents, and will also grasp the trends of legal revisions and respond properly.

Ÿ Compliance with company rules

  • When performing duties, employees will comply with the relevant company rules with a correct understanding of their contents and intention, and will also respond appropriately in the case of any revision.

Ÿ Response to compliance violations

  • An employee who discovers a violation or suspected violation of compliance (societal rules, laws and regulations, company rules, and ethics) will consult with and offer a proposal and report to their supervisors or the contact person of corporate ethics and improvements.

2. Traffic Safety

  • Each employee, as a person engaged in the manufacturing of automobile parts, will observe traffic rules and manners, and will make all efforts to drive safely.

3. Environmental Preservation

  • Employees will strive for the minimization and proper processing of waste and pollutants at all stages of business activities, including development, production, logistics, sales, services and disposal.
  • Each employee will strive for the efficient use of resources and energy as well as their recycling.

4. Social Contribution

  • Each employee will voluntarily participate in contribution activities as a member of society.
  • Employees will interact intimately with local communities through voluntary participation in community events et cetera.
  • Employees will actively participate in and support volunteer activities.

5. Information Management

  • Employees will properly manage the security of supplier information and in-house confidential information.
  • Employees will not leak in-house confidential information, supplier information, or any personal data of customers, employees and so forth.

6. Safety and Health

  • Each employee will fully enforce 5S activities in the workplace and create a comfortable environment.
  • In the event of a disaster, each employee will place top priority on the safety of human life and try to prevent expanding damage.

7. Respect for Human Rights

  • From a standpoint of respect for human rights, each employee will recognize a diversity of individual values and respect personality and character.
  • Each employee will respect not only compliance with laws and regulations but also basic human rights, and will avoid anything resembling discriminatory treatment.
  • Each employee will respect individuals’ basic human rights, value diversity, character, and privacy, and will neither take nor tolerate any action that disregards individual humanity, such as discriminatory behavior related to race, religion, gender, nationality, mental or physical disability, age or sexual orientation, etc.; violence; sexual harassment; or power harassment (bullying or harassing behavior in the workplace).

8. Privacy Protection

  • Each employee will comply with the contents and the intention of laws and regulations that protect individual privacy.

9. Trade compliance

Ÿ Purchasing

  • Suppliers will be selected based on fair and free competition.
  • Employees will neither give nor receive any gifts or business entertainment that would go beyond the scope of business customs or societal common sense.
  • Each employee will comply with laws and regulations, etc. and will also give enough consideration to the environment.

Ÿ Sales activities

  • Employees will comply with the Antitrust Act and other laws and regulations intended to maintain fair competition (including foreign competition laws, hereafter “the Antitrust Act, etc.”).
  • Employees will formulate and properly carry out compliance programs concerning the Antitrust Act, etc.
  • Each employee will comply with the compliance programs concerning the Antitrust Act, etc. and will promote fair and free business activities.
  • Employees will not come to agreements on any restrictions that would limit competition with rival companies, such as limits on sales or quoted prices, production, or sales volume; market share allocation; limits on sales destinations and/or sales areas; or limits on production facilities and/or technologies. “Agreement” here refers not only memorandum or minutes but also verbal agreements.
  • Employees will not take any action that would lead to the above-mentioned agreements or to illegal acts, and will neither organize nor participate in a meeting, nor make any promise, arrangement, or exchange of information, etc. which could lead to suspicions of the behavior above.

10D Security Export Control

  • In order to maintain international peace and safety, employees will conduct strict security export control, prevent legal violations, and will not be involved in any inappropriate transactions as a global company.

11D Product Safety Management

  • In order to ensure the safety of products, employees will comply with all relevant laws and regulations and conduct product safety management.

12D Intellectual Property Rights-Related Laws

  • Employees will not take any action that would lead to the infringement of the intellectual property rights of others.

13D Relations with Public Offices

  • As a independent enterprise, we will have sound contact with public offices (including those of foreign countries) and their officers in order to maintain sound relations.
  • Each employee will comply with the intention of laws and regulations concerning public service ethics.
  • Employees will not give public officers excessive gifts or business entertainment that would go beyond the scope of business customs or societal common sense.

14D Involvement with Society

  • In order to be the transparent enterprise, each employee will keep good communication with society.

15D Disassociation from Antisocial Forces

  • Each employee will, in any circumstances, behave sensibly with basic legal knowledge, societal common sense, and a sense of justice, in order to avoid involvement with any illegal acts or antisocial forces.
  • Each employee will properly collaborate with administrative agencies and other relevant organizations in order to counteract antisocial forces.

16D Report to Authorities and Investigative Cooperation

  • If a socially prohibited problem, such as any violation of laws and regulations, occurs or is suspected within the company, we will report this to the authorities and fully cooperate with investigations. Each executive and employee will take responsible actions based on our basic position.

17D Other

Ÿ Scope of application

  • The Guidelines shall be applied to officers and employees (regular, temporary, contracted, dispatched, temporarily transferred, and part-time employees , including corporate advisors and part-time employees) of each YAMASHITA RUBBER Group company.
  • Each YAMASHITA RUBBER Group company may change parts of the content of the Guidelines in response to national or regional laws and regulations, business practices, labor practices and values, etc. as well as its own business category, transaction types or contents of its goods and services, etc., but may not specify any content that would go against to the Guidelines.

Ÿ Disciplinary action, etc.

  • If any officer or employee commits an act prohibited by the Guidelines, he or she will be subject to disciplinary action, etc., which may include dismissal, in accordance with employment policy and other relevant rules of each YAMASHITA RUBBER Group company.